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That provides national cabling installation services for commercial, educational, and industrial clients throughout North America. We have a nationwide network of contractor's service voice, video, and data networks in environments ranging from small local businesses to learning institutions to large industrial facilities. Our experts handle every aspect of network deployment, from the design and installation of a completely new network to simply extending a mark to an existing network. The one security specializes in providing technological solutions in a way that simplifies the process.

Alarm Systems

2GIG sets the standard for exceptional performance that delivers true peace of mind. With our GC2e, enjoy the proven performance and trustworthiness of the original 2GIG GC2 panel, along with new features that make life as a dealer even easier. With improvements like e Series encrypted compatibility, an entirely new sleek design, larger capacitive touch screen, and our best-in-class 2-way voice, homeowners and dealers alike will appreciate the peace of mind they get from their 2GIG GC2e experience. When it comes to the latest technology & alarm systems, we have our competitors beat we can offer you the lowest rate in installation


In recent years, security cameras have become increasingly important for businesses everywhere. When a business is your livelihood, keeping its business safe and secure is of the utmost importance. As you take the steps to make sure your security is safe, look at our list of commercial security cameras that we sell, and why they will benefit you and your business security.



Whether you are concerned about theft or just want to keep an eye on a mischievous pet, home security cameras provide peace of mind with real-time alerts, built-in sirens, and other security options. While it is great that there are plenty of excellent options to choose from... Options may vary from devices that offer features like two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, motion tracking, and HD video for top-notch video quality. It can feel daunting to sift through everything out there to find a good match for the wireless security camera system you may have in mind, especially if that solution includes multiple cameras. WE can customize the best package for you.



Drone surveillance is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to capture still images and video to gather information about specific targets, which might be individuals, groups, or environments. Drone surveillance enables surreptitiously gathering information about a target as captured from a distance or altitude. Risk assessments: Enterprise security personnel can use drones to find gaps and vulnerabilities that would not normally be seen, thanks to a different point of view.

drone security

“Rather than seeing things in a 2D frame, you’re seeing things in a 3D frame, which really changes the dynamic of how you position your security perimeter control and other security officer situations: Drones can help monitor perimeters, parking lots, prisons, college campuses, stadiums, and other outdoor venues. Using a thermal imaging camera makes this possible at night as well.

Securing remote assets: If you’re trying to secure hundreds of acres of land or animals out in the pasture, drones are a wonderful way to watch for poachers or predators. They can check on machinery, pipelines, wind farms, and other infrastructure in remote areas.

Walk through metal detector (Hourly rental or weekly rental available)

Walk-through metal detectors are essential when there is a need to screen a high number of people quickly, which is why they are used at airports, schools, sporting events, concerts, etc. A single Metal Detector Arch is capable of screening up to 60 people per minute. That is 3,600 per hour! The Concerns over school violence, particularly deadly school violence, have prompted demands for greater attention to student safety and school security. One response has been an increased use of visible security in public schools in all locations and grade levels.