Exclusive Protection Services

(Armed/Unarmed protection services)
security measures are taken to ensure the safety of our clients from physical harm & distractions of disorderly conduct. From individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.
(Pick-up drop-off any special security details as needed)


Commercial Properties

In today's world is vital that businesses provide a sense of security for a safe workplace. However sometimes that is hard to do most companies have a lot to worry about in their day-to-day operations so most of the time workplace safety is not on the top of the list. The One Security Solutions provides a custom complete package a variety of different options to provide to our clients and customers day-to-day. Included but not limited to foot & vehicle patrol . Access Control. Video monitoring services. The One Security Solutions prides itself on the ability to provide a sense of comfort and protection for all of its clients.



The One Solutions Provides custom complete concert security/ crowd control from 50-1000 people we have done it all with our special skills and qualifications , training nothing to big or small for us to handle. We set up checkpoints, we perform pat downs, we also use metal detector all of these security mergers come into play making shore the crowd is safe at all time.


Church Services

Silent Presents and protection in the midst of worship and praise, Removal of any escalated situations and detainment until proper law enforcement arrives. Monetary Armor seeing that all funds, gifts, and properties of value are safely transporting and secured.


Private Event

Timely surveillance of foot and or vehicle patrol, vehicle checks, safely of all personal entering and exiting sites. Lots sweeps at end of shifts/events complete clearing. Special services included: CPR/AED, Crises Intervention, Pressure point control Tactic PPCT, spontaneous knife defense, basic self-defense training, first responder training.


Retail Loss Prevention

We work with a variety of unique retail companies from the small mom & pop corner store/ grocery , to the larger corporations such as cubby’s gas stations, Bakers , Yonkers, menards just to name a few …we work side by side with the companies to develop a plan of action to keep theft low an profits high to be a successful company an to ensure safety of the employees customers in the day to day operations.

Special Skills: 
• Training / STATE NEB

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